Contact between Flywheels


Dear all,
I’m pretty new in the SimScale world and I’m already very excited.
I would like to start with a simple project, and of course I’m happy if someone can provide some help.
I would like to build two flywheel mechanisms (attached) and study its dynamic behavior. In particular I would like to find the trajectories of the torques and angular velocities such that one of the two flywheel rotate on top of the other.

It is a something double?


Hi @gmose!

Looks almost like a planetary gear although the left wheel has an additional translation velocity. I think that this is possible on our platform using the dynamic analysis module, do you already have the two wheels as well as the rigid ground uploaded on the platform so we could give it a shot? Tagging the @ahmedhussain18, the @PowerUsers_FEA as well as @rszoeke here who might give you some more information on your project.

I also think studying this relatively easy setup should be possible with a piece of paper and a pencil :wink:

All the best!



Hi jousefm,

thanks for your comments!
The system looks like a plenary gear. However the two flywheels are independent. They touch and roll each other without slipping (for the moment).
I’m completely at the beginning. I need to create the project and create the wheels. Any pointer to tutorials addressing multi-body systems?

Paper and pencil may work(for the moment). However I curious to see also simulation results ;).



Hi @gmose!

What about that one here: Rod Crank Gear Mechanism.

All the best!



@jousefm Thanks for tagging me in.

@gmose In SimScale you can provide a rotation along a specific axis considering a single center point. The update of the point with respect to time is not possible. Same goes for the moments. Though applying a force and let the body rotate due to high friction is possible but would be tough to simulate. I have an example project of roller bearing simulation that might help. Though isn’t exactly what you want to get at the end but you can still have a look: Roller Bearing - SimScale