Constitutive models for soils and rocks


Include constitutive models for geomaterials available in Code_Aster, such as: CAM_CLAY, BARCELONE, CJS, HUJEUX, LAIGLE, LETK, HOEK_BROWN, KIT_HM, KIT_HHM, KIT_THH, KIT_THM, KIT_THHM

These models are essential for Geotechnical Engineering, a field of engineering dealing with large infrastructure projects, particularly through their interaction with the ground. Examples of application are: Dams, Tunnels, Slopes, Embankments, Foundations, etc. This field has an very active branch working on numerical methods ( ; ; ;, mostly relying on the finite element method to solve mechanical equilibrium PDE. However, it is widely acknowledged in the field that linear elastic calculations are not useful to predict the structures performance.

Most design companies work with commercial software (Plaxis, Abaqus, Diana, Flac, etc) where these models are available, and there is a clear an accessible GUI. Academic projects use codes such as Code_Aster, Code_Bright, and OpenSees, where the input phase is much more challenging.

The addition of this feature on SimScale could bridge this gap between academia and practice, combining a powerful processor with a cloud based interface.