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Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Error - Simulation With Fins

I am performing Conjugate heat transfer analysis, I performing a simulation of generator of a wind turbine where heat from the generator is cooled using fins over the surface .


  1. The selected analysis type requires a multi region mesh.
  2. Please make sure that each volume has one material assigned to it.

Please help me how resolve the error


Hi @Vinaykumar and sorry for the small delay.

The errors can be fixed as follows:

  1. As we need a fluid and solid region we need all regions to be assigned to either a solid or fluid. An example can be found here: Heat Sink - Electronics Cooling

  2. In the project you can also find a multi region mesh assignment but here is a (small) tutorial from the doc: Multi Region Mesh Tutorial

  3. The warning just tells you that some faces are unassigned and need a boundary condition otherwise the default “no-slip” will be applied. So make sure everything is assigned properly.

P.S.: A common mistake is that the CAD has no overlapping faces at interfaces - that definitely needs to be done pre-processing wise. More details can be found in the multi-region mesh tutorial I posted under 2).

Hope that helps! If you have any further questions make sure to reach out either to our PowerUser @vgon_alves or me.

All the best!


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