Conjugate heat transfer (both) greyed out

I am trying a thermal simulation. But when I try to set up the geomerty, both Conjugate heat transfer, Conjugate heat transfer 2.0 are greyed out, I tried a different CAD in the same file/simulation, and it has those cases ready, once I get my old model, It greys out again.
What might be the issue here?

Hi, could you please post a link (URL) to your Workbench, so we can have a look at the project?

On a side note, this usually occurs for one of the reasons below:

  • The geometry is a .stl file (which is not supported for CHT simulations)
  • The model contains a single volume. Note that CHT requires at least two volumes in the geometry, since we are simulating both fluid and solid regions. For more notes, please check this page.

This is my project. I’m trying to simulate a battery pack but yea, I guess the reason for my failure was that I had one solid region with me, I thought, I’d distribute the whole heat output from the batteries evenly.
Now I’m thinking that I should model all the batteries seperately and provide individual heat outputs for all of them.
Thank you so much for your help Mr.Ricardo. Hope you have a Great Day :smile:

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