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Computing core hours for Professional Plan


I am new to this forum, and I am considering to sign up for a professional plan.

Is the limit for computing core hours per month?
Do you have a price list for adding hours to a subscription?
Have you made a comparison of functionalities with other software packages available on the market? (COMSOLE, ANSYS, …)

Regards Carl

Hello @carl_dumky,

welcome to the forum! The mentioned core hour limits per package in the professional plans are for the complete subscription period, so 1 year. You can add core hour packages when you run out of core hours of course. I’ll send you a pricing overview pdf-file via email following this post.

If you are interested in validation cases of our solvers, you can find a description and discussion of the results here in our documentation: Those cases are well established validation cases from e.g. the NAFEMS benchmarks or academic papers, which have also been used by other software packages. For a direct comparison to their results in regards to the exact/expected solution defined in the validation papers please see the publications of those tools.

Best Alex

Hi @afischer
Could I get a copy of the pricing overview in pdf format ?
Do you also have recommendations and/or benchmarks on how many cores to use based on model sizes and whether I am running FEA or CFD?
Thank you, Mia

Hi Mia!

I forwarded your request and my colleagues should be in touch with you soon.



Hi jousefm,

No one has been in touch with me. Is there someone I should write to or call?


Hey Mia!

I will write you an email in five minutes :slight_smile:



I would also like a copy of the pricing. Specifically for more core hours.

Answered you via email Malcolm! :slight_smile: