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Computational hours wasted

There are 529 hours wasted from my academic plan on a meshing error (The mesh has not been generated), is there any way I can restore those hours?

Hi there!

If the meshing operation ended with error status, no core hours should be deducted from your plan. Did you check the account tab and available core hours?

Please also send the link to the project to investigate the issue.

Yes, I am sure that the hours have been deducted.
There is the link:

Hey there, I just had a look and found:

  • Did you manually cancel the mesh run or did it time out automatically?
  • Your refinement lengths are very small, resulting in a mesh that is too fine and big in size. This is what causes the long computing times and consequent core hour consumption.

No, it timed out automatically.
And thank you for the info I will consider my mesh size in the next simulation