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Compressible CFD: Maximum Number of Iterations Exceeded

I am a beginner. Please excuse any dumb questions I ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am working on a mount for a scientific instrument that is to be mounted under the wing of a plane. The plane is supposed to be flying at about 10000m altitude and about 0.8 Mach velocity. I am trying to simulate fluid flow around the mount. But I have been constantly getting the error ‘Maximum number of iterations exceeded’.

I tried remeshing, (The mesh doesn’t look like it has any errors now) and increasing the tolerances. I don’t know what is wrong. Could someone help me?

Here’s my project link:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @panditashwad,

without having a closer look at your project, I would recommend reading the following post/documentation page:

Maximum Number of Iterations Exceeded - Solution by @gholami

Documentation - Event log warnings and errors

Do you intend to simulate the whole component or just a part of it? Just to be sure.

Maybe @dheiny has some good extra tips that might help you.



I have read the documentation about the error and already tried the suggestions given in the post. I think I should give it a read once again though. Thank you for the link.
And yes, I intend to simulate the whole component.

@panditashwad just as an initial observation you define that the initial velocity is 250m/s however you then ramp it from 0 to 250 this might be the instability… worth a go?

I’ll look at it properly later if you like.

Kind regards,


Yes. That might be the reason. I’ll try simulating once again with initials velocity 0.
Thank you!