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Community Plan Core Hours

If I have the Community Plan. Do I get 3000 core hours per year or is it just 3000 core hours total?


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Hi @eweber.
In community plan,you are allowed to use a total of 3000 core hours/year. Whether you use it in a month or in a year, it’s upon you. You will get a total of 3000 core hours every year.

Have to correct Hamza here @eweber!

It is actually 3,000 core hours for one time - so it will not be renewed once you used your core hours.



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I thought that community plan is renewable.

Must be new business model :wink:

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Hi all,

Never was the case from the day i joined back in 2017.



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I guess it just stuck in my head that way, I will erase that old memory… (ya sure :wink: , I wish I could have that kind of brain access)


Someone has to change this Wiki that says per year, easier to fix than erasing from my brain :wink:

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