Comma vs Point

Hi guys.

For a CFD problem i need to ramp the velocity.

Since the time steps are very small i would like to do it in excel for easy computation of my table.
However i run into the following.

I live in Europe and we or at least I use Commas as a decimal separator.
Unfortunately SimScale and the US use the point as a decimal separator.

I’d rather not switch my excel to points since al my other work is in commas.
What is a good workaround for this? I want to export to csv with off course points as the decimal separator.

Calculations can’t be done in excel on values with a point as decimal separator whilst commas is selected as the separator. Excel thinks these values are text.

Any ideas?

A feature in SimScale to switch to comma’s would be appreciated as well. Or maybe the whole world could just decide on what to use and stick with that…


Oke maybe i posted my question to soon. Here is the workaround i found maybe someone wil find it useful.

-Do all computations in excel using plain commas
-Export to CSV
-Open in texteditor
-Ctrl+F to find and replace all commas by points
-Save as CSV

*Small note: When exporting to CSV don’t use the comma as the column separator use ; instead. This symbol can be replaced/substituted as well with the Ctrl+F command but only after you have replaced the decimal separator from commas to points.

Happy simulating!


@STR - brilliant, thanks for sharing! Wish I would have thought of that when I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago - instead I went through the hoops and changed all the setting on my computer to the US system :unamused:

Sharing is caring! At least now you can change it back to commas :wink:

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