Combine Fluid analysis and FEA

How to combine Fluid analysis with FEA


Can you please expand a little bit more on what you are trying to achieve? (Application, objective, etc)

Hi sir, i am trying to do an aeroelastic analysis meaning that i will run an incompressible simulation and use the simulation result (pressure) as a boundary condition to perform a FEA analysis. this is a video to illustrate (

You can currently run 1-way FSI simulations in SimScale by:

  1. Running the CFD study first
  2. Downloading the results and opening them in ParaView
  3. In ParaView you can export values on surfaces (File > Save Data), which will contain X/Y/Z coordinates and pressure values
  4. Use this table for a table definition of a pressure boundary condition (now for FEA)
  5. Run the simulation

2-way FSI is currently not possible, in case you are aiming for that.



thank you sir