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Colling IT parts

Hi again,

I need help. I will continue the simulation now with two IT tools. I think my settings are good but in vain I put the inlet temperature to -20 degrees with minimal cooling. Would anyone look at what I’m ruining?



Hi Oliver! Is there a specific setting that troubles you? And what exactly are you simulating?

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Hi Fillia,

I want to simulate what kind of fan speed and temperature a box placed in a room with IT units can achieve proper cooling. What worries me is that I set the input speed to -20 degrees and so there was no significant change in cooling either.

To understand the project. I put a box in an air-conditioned room. I put IT units in this box that I know heat dissipation. I put three or three fans on each side of the crate. I can control the indoor temperature for the room as I would have set it to 20 degrees in the first round. However, I also tried -20 degrees, but as you can see there is no bigger difference. I would ask for your help in this what setting to use.

Thank you very much for your help!

Do you understand?

Hi thanks for the details. Actually, there seems to be quite a difference between the two cases:

With an inlet temperature of 20 degrees Celsius:

With an inlet temperature of -20 degrees Celsius:

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Thank you your answer!

Yes i understand but i am wondering why the maximum value is not decreasing. And why not the temperature of IT devices.

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Am I wrong?


Hi again! In both simulations, the walls of the internal parts have an ambient temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, and a heat transfer coefficient of 500 W/(K·m²). So to my understanding, the max temperature depends on these properties, have you tested an alternative setup regarding the wall?

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Hello! I tried changing the inlet temperature and it is weird that if I give 20 degrees the internal cooling does not change much. I also tried -20 degrees but it didn’t show as much difference as I would have expected. This is strange to me. This is run2 and -20inlet.

Can’t the program handle this or am I wrong?