'cijeli_v2' simulation project by tang_napr


I created a new simulation project called 'cijeli_v2':


More of my public projects can be found here.


Good job on the post-processing @tang_napr! :slight_smile:

How are things going and do you need any help so far?

All the best!



Thank You for the kind words @jousefm :slight_smile:

I will keep up the hard work :smiley:

At the moment, I am learning to combine Onshape - for fluid volume preparation - with Simscale, so I am grateful to any suggestion in that way :smiley: Also, havin some tiny difficulties with my latest meshes :confused:

Kind regards!



No problem @tang_napr! :slight_smile:

You have a lot of models in your project, with which one do you have problems? And did you already have a look at our FSAE workshops? They explain very good what settings you have to choose in order to get a good mesh and carry out a proper simulation. Let the PowerUsers and me know if you need anything!




Dear @jousefm ,

last night I have found out where the problem is (with tha last 6 models) :slight_smile: I do not really know why it happened, but SW saved solid bodies as surface bodies - I am working on it using fusion at the moment :smiley:
Yees, I have a few of them :smiley: I learned a lot from Your workshops :slight_smile: Your Team is doing a great job with that - thank You all :smiley:

Thank You a lot!



Thanks a lot for your kind words Richie (@tang_napr)! :slight_smile:

Just drop a message when you need help, we are there (almost) 24/7 :wink:

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!



Dear @jousefm ,

sorry for bothering You, but I am facing a problem with the latest simulations: “Whole_car_w_diff_v1 to v5”.
I would be very grateful, if You could throw-an-eye on it and maybe give some suggestion. :smiley:

Thank You a lot!

All the best :slight_smile:


Hi @tang_napr!

First thing that I saw is that you have more than 2600 illegal cells on your geometry. I would first fix the pre-processing issue before working on the simulation/processing part :slight_smile:

That might be because the geometry looks a bit odd in my opinion and I saw that there are some kinds of intersections inside of it (see picture below). Tagging our experts @yosukegb4 and @pfernandez here who might give you a little bit more information on how to fix your geometry properly!




HI @jousefm !

Sorry for the late answer, but I had some test to take in the last two days so I way away :smiley:
Thank You for Your advice - I will work on those :wink:

All the best :slight_smile:


Hi everyone !

I’m sorry for late reply.

The domain meshes of these failed simulations are large meshes over 25M nodes.
Is there a possibility of errors caused by memory overflows? @jousefm

Anyway, I think a mesh with nodes over 25M is too large for that kind of simulations.

Yosuke Yamamoto


Hi guys!

25M nodes are way too much and the number should definitely be reduced. Once this is fixed there should be no problem in running the mesh.




Hi people!

Thank both of you for your answers! :smiley: I will reduce them and try another sim. :slight_smile:

All the best and keep up the good work! :wink:



Hi Richie,

thanks a lot for your kind words! Let us know if you encounter any problems.