CHT v2 Error

Dear Richard,

I am trying to do the “Natural Convection of a LED Spotlight” using the CHT v2.0 solver, but I got this error message:

Could you give some help with that? Thank you very much!


Hi, @ykho,

I copied your project and tried to replicate the error message but I couldn’t. Instead, when trying to run the simulation (1), I received the following error messages:

You can access the problematic settings by clicking on the icons highlighted as (2) in the image above. In your case, the result controls have a dot “.” in the title, which is not allowed (e.g. try “half W” instead of “0.5 W”).

The third error is related to a badly assigned boundary condition to the symmetry BC:

After fixing these issues in the setup, the simulation should run.


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Hi @Ricardopg,

thanks a lot for your reply. I have corrected the issues you have pointed out. On the first try I still got the error message I showed in the first post. But after I incorporated the conventional CHT solver, I did start the CHT v2.0 solver. It’s rare, but only sharing the experiences with you.


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