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CHT fatal I/O error


I have encountered a fatal I/O error during my last simulation in which i tried to simulate a transient CHT problem
This is only the second time i ran this kind of a problem so i am probably missing something but still i would like some help regarding how to deal with this error.
i made sure that there is the proper amount of interfaces during meshing, and this error occurs on two separate models i have meshed.
Any suggestion would be welcomed,
Thank you,

Hi @RotemL!

Either the @PowerUsers_CFD or me will have a look at your project asap and get back to you as soon as we identified the error source.




From what i could figure out this has something to do with the timestep, once i shortened the timestep or set to adjustable timestep the simulation started running, very slowly but at least now its running.


Hi @RotemL and thanks for letting us know!

Glad you figured it out by yourself :slight_smile: Keep us up-to-date and make sure to add some nice post-processing results under your project!

All the best!