Checking quality of generated mesh

I am new to SimScale and still learning about it. I want to know how to do post processing for checking the quality of meshing after the generation of mesh. I had gone through the Tet-Dominant algorithm: Advanced Tutorial but still could not figure out its procedure. I am not applying any simulation as I wanted to check the mesh quality before going further for simulation. Please help me through this difficulty.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Girish!

One option would be to check if there is an exorbitant high stress anywhere in the component but that has more to do with boundary conditions and the geometry (also see: Errors in FEA). For the mesh you have the option to do a mesh quality check offline by using Paraview and apply the MeshQuality filter to your component where you can directly see if something is odd (like high aspect ratios etc.). For the internal Meshing Log I would tag my colleague @rszoeke as well as the PowerUsers @cquijano & @BenLewis here who might give you tips on how to properly read the Log.



Hello Jousef,
Thanks for your help. I will definitely go through using Paraview and will also try suggestion what your friend would provide me for internal meshing Log.