Change the view with the mouse around an axis

To move and turn the 3D model/results isn’t effective. It’s move and turns every time and needs a lot of patience.

To improve the handling I propose if I press X,Y or Z and move with the mouse the model will turn around the X, Y or Z-axis. With this feature it would be faster to get the model/result in the right position. Especially for presentation it would be good to get a usual view on the object and not a crooked view.:smile:

Hi @sburger,

double clicking the model changes the spin centre of the model to the location of the double click. I use this all the time and it really helps.

Unfortunately this functionality is only available in the 3D viewer (not in the on-line post processor). At least I’m not aware of any way to change the spin centre in the on-line post processor. Adding this functionality to the on-line post processor would aid with manipulating the results.

Does this help? Or maybe you are already using the double click.

Regards, Ben

Yes, I do.

My idea was to improve he handling in an easy way. If some time in the future a 3D mouse is supported this wouldn’t be a big improvement. Bat at the moment it is annoying. It is nearly impossible to move the model around one axes. Always it moves around two or in worst case around three axis. In combination with the slow graphic reaction I need most of the time to move the model in an adequate position than to work on the problem. But this should be myr job and not working on the software.