Change analysis type properties without deleting materials and boundary conditions?

I am trying to perform a series of CFD runs using the same model geometry, materials, boundary conditions, but with minor differences in the analysis type properties(eg different turbulence models). I thought I would be able to duplicate an existing model, and just change the turbulence model under Analysis Type, but this causes the materials and boundary conditions to be deleted also. This is a significant inconvenience when trying to run models that are identical except for the turbulence models.

Another example was a simulation I was performing with multiphase fluids. The first attempt did not converge, so I tried to disable the “Local time stepping” property under Analysis type. This also deleted the assigned materials and boundary conditions, which I then had to re-create.

Is this a fundamental limitation of OpenFoam, or something that SimScale can provide a fix for ?

Hello @gsokoll,

when changing analysis types and their properties as well as when replacing the simulation domain by e.g. a finer mesh you have to handle some inconveniences. The examples that you described, especially in regards to modeling a turbulent flow with different turbulence models, are among those.
We are working full force on improving the user experience for both of the above mentioned scenarios. Unfortunately it is a not a quick win we can update in a short-term period of time. I keep this post updated.

Best Alex

Hello @fischer, thanks for the reply. I found it strange that changing turbulence model would delete boundary conditions and materials (but not initial conditions). I look forward to the user experience improvements :slight_smile: