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CFD Simulation Wooden Car

Hello, great work.

I do with my kids soapbox races sports. These are no wooden crates, we race with optimized carbon monocoque. I make them all myself. From the chassis to the body to the adjustment work. See German Championship: Unfortunately, I can’t get on with simscale. . See

Would be great if you could help me here to further optimize the my work. If you want, you can see the result at the World Championship 2020 in Vienna :-).

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Hi @cheffeundwackl!

I cannot see any meshing operation inside of your project but from the old ones in the preview I can tell that the mesh is too coarse and also the boundaries are too close to the vehicle. Feel free to set up a case and stop before the run submission process, the @cfd_squad and I will jump in once you are done with that.

As an inspiration it is always good practice to look for similar projects in the public library and adapt your case according to your needs.

Looking forward to hear from you and happy SimScaling!



The mesh is more fine in the area near the car so it MIGHT be ok, but as you say the simulation file is almost empty.

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