CFD simulation divergence



I’m trying to make a simulation of a simplified model of a FSAE car from a team I’m part of so I can get the car’s aerodynamic characteristics.

After several attempts, I made two “successful” simulation runs, called “80kph 6000 iterations” and “70kph 6000 iterations”. When I checked the results though, using the SimScale post-processor and Paraview, the values were extremely high and the streamlines all over the place, clearly showing a divergence in the simulation. I have no idea what i can do to solve this problem.

Here is the project.


Hi @DDR17 and thanks for reaching out to us!

No worries. Having a look at your project and will get back to you with a solution asap! :+1:

All the best!



Hey @DDR17!

Invited you to the project. Test for 70kph I ran is called Test111, you can check the settings and use this for the other velocities setups. Let me know how things go.




Thank you so much, the results now are very close to what we expected.