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CFD-Problem: Showing Wall Shear Stress

Hey Guys,

I’m currently trying to simulate a very slow water flow (5.55e-11m^3/s) inside a small reaction chamber for a coating experiment. I’m particularly interested in the distribution of pressure, velocity, Reynold’s number and shear stress inside the chamber.

For this I opened the following project:

First of all, I’m not really sure, If I put in all the needed information correctly and also, if I want to show the shear stress, this is what I get:

I would be very glad if someone could check the project and tell we what went wrong where.


Hi @jpietras,

Firstly, I think you are looking at wall shear stress, and you desire internal shear stress.

Here, is how you can check wall shear stress on the walls:

Note: node wall shear stress needs to be selected.

But to get shear stress in the fluid you need to do a bit of offline post-processing, I think there are some hints that point towards fluid shear stress here in Paraview:

Where I think you might be after the strain(velocity) part. Let me know how it goes!


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Thank you, for your fast reply. I’m looking for the wall shear stress on this surface here:

I tried to visualize it using a cutting plain, but It only gave me the picture from my last post.

And how can I show the Reynolds distribution? It probably has to be added in result control, right? Can’t find it though.