'CFD Practical Application Project' simulation project by Get_Barried


I created a new simulation project called 'CFD Practical Application Project':

Practical Aspect Dissertation

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Looks great Barry!

Do you know where these mesh errors come from? Think @yosukegb4 already gave you some nice valuable input here as I can remember. Do you think working with another CAD modelling tool would help you out?

Cheers buddy!



Hey Jousef!

The issues are caused by the unfortunate timing of my academic plan expiring and reducing my allocated storage capacity, hence the inability of the mesher to save the mesh which produces the error. With this large number of nodes you do tend to run out of space really quickly.




Hi Barry!

That’s bad. Did your plan change back to academic in the meantime? Will contact my colleague to see if we can fix this. Sorry for the delayed response buddy!

Cheers and keep me up-to-date!



Hey Jousef!

I PMed you directly on this issue and it has been resolved!

Thank you for the help!