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CFD Master Class session


I am currently undergoing the CFD master class workshop. Now as I am using the free community plan, so due to the computing core limitation I ain’t able to create the meshes with the specified refinement levels in the workshop, which might vary the results. So would that be a major issue?

Tasdid Redwan Pranto


Hi Tasdid and thanks for letting us know!

What we can do is that you share the model with me and I run it with the standard settings from the workshop and you decrease the refinements let’s say by one level and we can compare the results afterwards.

Let me know how you want to proceed.



I am sending the full project you will find the model here


Hi Tasdid!

Thanks for the link! Can you just tell me the parameters you want to adapt not to waste any core hours due to miscommunication? Simply paste the settings here and I will take care of the rest.




The maximum refinement levels which I have been able to perform with 16 cores


Hi Tasdid,

awaiting your response in the private chat to continue with the runs. Once I know the refinements you want to run with higher cores I will start them.




Regarding the refinement levels if the refinement levels given in the exercise could be performed would be the best or at least one level decreased from the exercise’s one.


Hi Tasdid!

Will give this mesh a try as soon as possible and let you know when it is done.