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CFD - Inner Wing Structure Design

hello, i am new to aerodynamics. I am interested on how to calculate the minimum number of inner structure of a wing must have to tolerate the maximum downforce (not deform).
Maybe my explanation not clear, here is my project:

my question is how to calculate the distance between the inner structure and how many i need to put it inside the foil.
Thank you very much.

Hi @bning12!

Interesting question you have there! Let me tag all the @power_users here who might help you out with that one! @cjquijano, have you done such a simulation before?

This is going to be a parameter study in any case as there is no rule to immediately give you the perfect design. You have to create different models and test them - there is no way around I would say. On top of that you have to make sure to create a smooth, producible and aerodynamically suitable design.

All the best!


thank you very much for giving me suggestion. moreover, i want to ask a question, how can i make all the components be a whole object? this is because i observe that the inner structure no deforming? but only the surface deform?

Hi @bning12 and no worries!

I am thinking about adding a bonded contact between the inner and outer structure as this is still missing. On top of that are you trying to simulate lift or the dead-load of the airfoil? Because if it is lift the force has to point into the other direction. @PowerUsers_FEA, any more hints from your side?



thank you so much for your precious reply, actually i design as a formula car wing, the foil experience the downforce, and i am thinking how to calculate the number of inner structure i need to put
thank for you reply again

My bad @bning12 :wink: Looked like an airfoil at first glance!

If you are struggling with the simulation please let us know if the @PowerUsers_FEA or me can help you with anything.

All the best!


Hi @bning12,

I took a look at your project and @jousefm was correct. You need to add a bonded contact between the ribs and the skin. Once you do this the internal structure moves as you would expect.

Please let us know if you need any additional help.