CFD: How to plot lift and drag force summation vs length along a car

Hi, does anyone know how to create a plot such as the attached using Simscale CFD? I have been able to run and calculate the front and rear wheel loadings from the forces and moments, but a more detailed plot showing how the lift and drag varies along the length of the car would be amazing (like the attached image)! Thanks in advance!

Hi @steveenguk, thanks for posting on the forum and welcome to the SimScale Community :handshake:

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a direct way to do that within the platform, you could retrieve data for different surfaces by selecting them individually. I’ll double check with the team to learn of any possible workarounds.


Hi Igor, thanks for the fast reply. I’d appreciate that, let me know if any ideas come of it.

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Hi @steveenguk,

Speaking with my colleagues, I guess the best shot you have would be for you to post process your results via a 3rd Party Solution such as ParaView. They have a Forum similar to ours where you can ask for help in achieving the kind of results you want to produce :slight_smile:


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