'CFD homework 1' simulation project by rapetrei


I created a new simulation project called 'CFD homework 1':

Mixing of flow through pipe

More of my public projects can be found here.


@rapetrei - great comparison of the two different meshing methodologies!


@dheiny - thanks. I wish I had more time to work on other projects I have in mind. I was actually going to use the comparison for an entry in my personal blog. :slight_smile:


@rapetrei - excellent. Would be great if you post the blog post here for me to read it.


BTW - an interesting comparison view could also be the velocity field at the outlet. I’ve seen this in multiple project, being an important design parameter. The impact of the mesh on this could be interesting!

Along the lines of this visualization (here it’s actually not different meshes, but slightly different geometries):


it is true that there are various means of comparing the flow topologies. I may have a look and see if it can showcase my point.

My blog post is just a quick guide for CFD beginners on some best practices that can help them improve the quality of their results and also make their lives easier.

Here I was just making the point that there’s a trade-off when choosing the type of mesh for a simulation: time taken to create the mesh, computational time and also improvement in the accuracy of the results.

I may make some more screenshots before finishing the guide.


@dheiny - Here’s the blog post I’ve written:
The definite guide of an intelligent user of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Also, A few months back, I’ve written another one about SimScale but I was too shy to share it then:
SimScale and their Cloud-Based Interface

I’ve just started working on my personal website. Still new to blogging so any feedback will be appreciated.



This is amazing - thanks a lot for sharing!! Just parsed it briefly but will take a deeper look asap and provide feedback


Hi @rapetrei,

it looks super cool! :slight_smile: Don’t be shy in the future if you wanna share something, you’re doing a great job :+1:




thanks for the kind words @dheiny and @jousefm! I actually have a couple of projects in mind and I’ll get back on track as soon as I get my head around using OnShape or any other free-CAD tool.