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CFD for a dining room

Hey guys. I have been trying to conduct Convection heat transfer in a dining room. It shows the most common error of floating point. I know and I have tried all the possible things from the forums. can some one please help. Https://

Hi @taqmoham!

Let me check this and get back to you asap!


Hey @taqmoham

It’s not very easy to pinpoint what happened because your mesh is not in the project anymore and the simulation runs resulted in error before a solver log was generated.

Would you consider making some changes in the CAD file in order to get a more simple geometry? Especially the tables and chairs, they’re too detailed and it makes meshing very difficult, It would help to change them for more simple geometries (and this wouldn’t really affect the results).

In any case, I still tried to create a mesh using the automatic hex meshing tool. Even without any refinements and using very coarse settings, the mesh was enormous. It had about 13 million elements and still failed the quality check due to lack of refinement in some regions.

I successfully got a 10M cells mesh using the parametric hex meshing tool. It’s still not as refined as it should, given the amount of details, but it’s good enough to run simulations. Here’s the link (I ran it for 100 iterations with your settings just to test):

Maybe @jousefm has another way to overcome this problem.



Yes, such detail but 100% occupied with no detailed people sitting there…

I think first, before we comment too much further, we need to know the reason that such a detailed geometry is used?

Perhaps, we can recommend a more simple geometry that will work for your needs…

The flow will be affected much more by how many people are seated, how many servers are walking around, the individual sizes of those people, whether anyone is wearing hats and even a looser arrangement of the chairs… (people will never sit with their chairs in such an orderly arrangement by choice) …

What do you hope to gain from the results your ‘Convection heat transfer in a dining room’ CFD project?

Hey guys!

I actually would use both meshers and just try that. I agree with Ric here that I would start out with a simple® geometry and start increasing complexity but before you do that, please run the two mesh types and try to run the sim again. I would like to see what the solver log says and if the mesh is somehow corrupted, maybe we can tweak the setting so that it will run smoothly.