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CFD Face Spatial Statistics

Is it possible to get the spatial statistics from a CFD face? Specifically, I would like to know the standard deviation of the fluid velocity across the cross section of a pipe. Is that possible? If so how? Thanks

Hi @mas985!

Could you tell me for what you would need that for or why this is relevant for you - quite curious about this :slight_smile: This cannot be done on the platform but I could try to find out if Paraview is able to perform this task, Tecplot 360 can afaik! Or you could download the surface values and use good old Excel :thinking:



I am trying to determine the uneven load on a pump impeller due to different plumbing configurations. I am using fluid velocity as a proxy for momentum.

I would definitely be interested in downloading the surface values. How does one go about doing that? Currently the surface that I am interested is actually a cutting plane through a pipe.

Hi @mas985!

You can plot surface data directly on our platform by adding result control items and choose the faces you want to evaluate the average, integral or another quantity across the chosen faces. For more sophisticated post-processing Paraview is the way to go where you can add filters as shown in this video:

I have not done any statistics in Paraview I have to admit and would probably go with result control items on SimScale and then export these data as .csv and let Excel do the job :slight_smile:



Thanks, I had considered the result control but if I am not mistaken, that only really allows for face averages and integrals (no other choice that I can see) and not the actual cell data. Is there any way to download the actual cell data (i.e. Ux, Uy, Uz) for a particular face? If not I may have to look into Paraview.