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CFD analysis of Ventilation and heat transfer in Shavadoon




Natural ventilation plays an important role in energy efficient building designs. A naturally ventilated system not only provides healthy and comfortable living environment, but also reduces the environmental impacts by utilizing the natural means to remove the air from the living space. CFD analysis can help in finding the optimum design of such a system. In this study, one of the conventional ventilation system, Shavadoon [1], will be simulated using SImScale.

Input Data

Different designs are to be compared for the better average temperature inside Shavadoon [1].

Fig 1. Different designs of the Shavadoon [1].

Boundary Conditions:
Inlet: Velocity 1.8m/s and temperature 45°C
Walls of the Shavadoon: 23 °C.


The purpose of the project is to validated the solver for heating and ventilation applications. The plots of temperature are velocity are to be compared with the proposed results. Additionally the average temperature in the living space is also to be compared to get the optimized inlet and outlet channels.

Table 1: Average temperature in the living space [1].

Fig. 2 Velocity profile of different designs [1].

Key Words

Natural ventilation, CFD, Shavadoon ventilation, ventilation system

Literature & Sources

[1] Shabnam Mohammadshahi, Mahdi Nili-Ahmadabadi, Omid Nematollahi, Improvement of ventilation and heat transfer in Shavadoon via numerical simulation: A traditional HVAC system, Renewable Energy, Volume 96, 2016, Pages 295-304, ISSN 0960-1481,


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