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Centrifugal pump tutorial: cannot reproduce the results

Dear All,

I am trying to reproduce the centrifugal pump tutorial. The description is here: Fluid Flow Through Centrifugal Pump | Tutorial | Simscale
I did all as described and started the simulation. The created project is here:
The problem is that the results those I have got are not the same as in tutorial. For instance I have inlet pressure 62 kPa instead of -35.7 kPa but the velocity direction looks correct. Axial thrust is close: -388 N vs. -362. The torque is different: -10.2 Nm vs. -7.4 Nm.
Could you help me to find the errors?

Hi, this is Fillia, thank you for using the forum!

I am doing a short investigation at the moment, as the settings seem identical.


Thank you for fast response.
I tried to reproduce it several times but always get the positive pressure. But it has to be negative if in the outlet I set the boundary condition pressure is equal to 0. It is strange.