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Centrifugal Fan CFD Comparison


Hi, I need help with CFD to compare 2 fan and plenum designs. I have not done CFD before so kind of don’t know what I am doing. I have copied a public simscale project and attemped to load my own geomentry but unable to get the meshes and settings right to perform the comparison I need.

Any help would be apprieated.


Hi @bruce_bartlett!

Absolutely no problem! Can you provide us with your CAD models/ project link? We will have a closer look at your models and can tell how you have to set up everything in a proper manner.

All the best!



It’s a private project, cann’t really share publicly. Can I share to your email?


Hi @bruce_bartlett!

Of course you can!




Not sure if I got your email correct but just tried sharing to jousefm at simscale. It’s on an eng work account not babart77 which is my personal account.

One problem I have is when meshing I get an extra bounding box around my impleller.


Hi @bruce_bartlett!

Sent you my contact data via PM. Send me the project link to this mail and I will investigate this.




Hi @bruce_bartlett!

David already contacted you and one of the application engineers will take care of your project from now on!

Cheers and all the best!