Cavitation Simulations

Hey all! I am fairly new to Simscale.
Can cavitation be simulated in Simscale?
I am looking for a setup as follows:

Would be giving inlet conditions on right end and outlet on left one.
As is known, cavitation bubbles would be forming inside and outside nozzle. Is there a way it could be simulated?

PS: Cavitation is forming of bubbles inside water, wherein the pressure goes below vapor pressure.
Inshort, boiling by pressure reduction. In our case, it forms by the vortex formation,

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So you want to simulate the process of forming the bubbles, is that right?

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Formation of bubbles via the reduction of pressure below vapor pressure.

I see, this would require a dynamic mesh, that SimScale does not currently support, but feel free to write your feature request here: Under consideration - SimScale Product Portal | Product Roadmap

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Alright. Thanks a bunch.

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Hi Anujk,

Actually you can not simulate bubble formation, but if you analyze pressure profile and compare this with substance vapor pressure you can identify low pressure points were cavitation is goin to occur. So this way you can make geometry changes to avoid this phenomena in your system.

I hope this can be useful

Francisco Bonillo

I don’t think the mesh has anything to do with cavitation.
One way to simulate cavitation is by a multiphase simulation using a cavitation model. The latter models the mass transport of the fluid from the liquid phase to the gas phase and vice versa.
This method does not simulate individual bubbles, or cavities, but it rather models the general behavior of the phenomenon.
As I understand it, simscale doesn’t have this capability yet.

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