Cant't create or delete simulation runs

Project link, the title is pretty self explainatory. Whether i try to create a new sim run or delete an old one, it does not work. Just hangs with the “working” animation.

EDIT: additonaly, cant access anything related to previously done sim runs (Solver log, convergence plots, solution fields).

Hi @klele,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues. Could you try it again? For me it works now. If it does not work, SimScale is probably running a maintenance so this is probably the reason behind it. They should resolve it shortly.

In the meantime, stay patient :slight_smile:



Hello, yes it was due to server maintenance which quite frankly is happening regularly for the last 2 days from 11 to 13 h CET. It also started again as i’m writing this. I hope you don’t plan on making this a regular thing.