Can't Start Simulation

After many successful simulations. I modified this model narrowing the slots. After loading into SimScale and
using the CAD Mode to create a flow volume. I can not get the button to appear to set up the simulation. I have been away from the program for a few months, and now struggle to setup a simulation. What am I doing incorrectly?

Hi! Please do not forget to include the URL to your project.
I have been using Sim Scale since 10/21 for some personal projects. My first project exceeded my expectations. Now I am trying to model a horizontal welding hood. It has ran successfully previously, but now I can’t remember all that I did. I feel like an idiot! Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, thanks for the link to the simulation.

I don’t see the issue, it seems like you were able to create a simulation and have a successful run with the extracted flow region. Is the issue solved?