Can't see results in solution fields

I am new here and i have small problem
I set up few CFD simulations, run them succesfully but in solution fields i can’t see anything else than white background.
I am using firefox 76.0.1
The same situation happens when i try to view public projects.
Pls, help.

Screen of what i see:

Hey @veyox56729!

Can you try switching to Chrome and let us know iif the same issue occurs?



Hey, i will check on my private laptop in the afternoon

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I checked on my private laptop with google chrome and it works fine.

I will talk with It guys in company and maybe they will let me install chrome.

Is it possible that source of problem are company network settings?

I tried on google chrome - everything works fine. Sorry for a little bit of spam :slight_smile:

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Perfect :slight_smile: :+1: Let us know if you have any further questions.

Happy SimScaling!



Im having the same problem even when im using Chrome, and also the new beta interface is not working well

Hey @17leotorque,

Could you give us more information on your system. Version of Chrome and also which OS?

Also specify the problems you are having \rightarrow Lag? Not loading?




Few options that you can try:

  • SimScale Compatibility Test Page - see what this outputs for you

  • If there are still problems after step 1, try disabling any antivirus software (like Kaspersky) and seeing if that helps, then let us know.