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Can't see results in solution fields

I am new here and i have small problem
I set up few CFD simulations, run them succesfully but in solution fields i can’t see anything else than white background.
I am using firefox 76.0.1
The same situation happens when i try to view public projects.
Pls, help.

Screen of what i see:

Hey @veyox56729!

Can you try switching to Chrome and let us know iif the same issue occurs?



Hey, i will check on my private laptop in the afternoon

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I checked on my private laptop with google chrome and it works fine.

I will talk with It guys in company and maybe they will let me install chrome.

Is it possible that source of problem are company network settings?

I tried on google chrome - everything works fine. Sorry for a little bit of spam :slight_smile:

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Perfect :slight_smile: :+1: Let us know if you have any further questions.

Happy SimScaling!


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