Can't Hone In on Simulation

Can someone please help me with my project “The V4”. This Venturi system has a pressure inlet and velocity outlet. The pressure inlet is 80 PSI and I’m expecting to see a vacuum flow induced on the pressure inlet boundary but I cannot hone in on proper conditions and simulation settings.

hey @garettpw welcome to the forum!

If you need help with any project then you should always post the project link in your question. Also make sure that your project is set to public so others can access it.


Hey @dschroeder
Thank you. My apologies.

I’ve had to add two local region refinements when the velocity field kept diverging but now its pushing my simulation to over 30000 seconds.

hey @garettpw

im not too familiar with the setup you are trying to run, so maybe another power user can jump in. However, on all of my simulations i turn on Potential foam initialization which helps speed up convergence.
I also see your using 8 non- orthogonal corrector loops which seems a bit excessive. I dont think that so many should be required so i think there is another problem , maybe in the solver settings, for why the pressure residual is fluctuating so much. Just a guess, not an expert on this topic at all.

Either way try running the sim again with this setting on and see how it goes. Maybe this simulation needs to be run for longer so that it can achieve convergence so try running to 3000 or 4000 iterations. It uses only a few core hours so shouldnt be a big problem