Can we select elements for plate (DKT or Q3G, etc.) for solver

Hi, I was looking to model a plate with DKT or Q4G/Q3g elements in solver but it looks like there is only 3D element supported.
So is there any way to select/assign elements for solver other than standard 3D?


Hi, and thanks for using the forum!

Currently it is not possible to use shell models in the structural solvers, just solids as you already found out.

May I ask what is your model and why you need shell elements?

Hi ggiraldof,

Thanks for the answer.

I was trying to simulate a 300 by 150 by 6 mm aluminum plate under static load over its top surface. I have read that for plates with over a specific thickness to breadth ratio the code_aster solver gives the best possible results with the DKT or Q4G/Q4GG elements. I thought that I shall try it out myself.

What do you suggest!

Yes, ideally for this case you would need the shell elements.

You can anyway try and perform your simulation with solid elements. You should get good results as long as you:

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Hi ggiraldof,

Thanks for the workaround.

Would definitely try it!

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Hi again!

Here is another tip that should help you improve your results:

With the recently released swept meshing refinement (sorry no documentation published yet!), you can create a hex-dominant mesh, which should greatly increase the precision of your results in this case.

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Yes, a hex dominant mesh do sounds like a good idea.

Thanks again for the tip!