Can´t find the mesh error, when simulating

  • I´m trying to simulate how much air a set of pipes are going to suck from a certain open area, I modeled the most important part of this open area to analyzed how air flow behaves, and if the flow rate is actually strong enough for this application. I don´t know if the way I modeled the area, and set the inlet parameters, are the right way to analyzed this open area.

  • I checked the mesh I few times, even redo some parts in CAD to better accomodate it for Simscale, but when I try to Run a simulation I´m getting this error
    I checked the mesh a few times, and try to change a few things in CAD to resolve this issue, but nothing seems to resolve it, and the mesh don´t appear to have any problematic points.
    Maybe is the parameters I´m choosing to run the simulation? I don´t know.

Exaust by gschuenke | SimScale : Heres the link to my project, thanks in advance

Hi @gschuenke, thanks for posting on the forum :slight_smile:

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Since your mesh quality parameters look alright, I think the issue might lie in the definition of your inlet/outlet boundary conditions. For a reference on the stability of the combinations for pressure/velocity inlets/outlets in the Incompressible OpenFOAM based solver, please take a look here.

I’ll run some tests and let you know of my findings!

As a sidenote: could you describe why you chose these specific faces as pressure inlets?


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Thanks for taking a look in it.

I´m going to check the material you linked.

What I want to see in the simulation is how much air those 6 sets of pipes are going tu suck from that 3D trapezoid area at the bottom, having a big Extractor Fan in the other end.

That big trapezoidal volume is supposed to be a open area, with no walls, that´s why I set the Pressure Inlet to 1atm and selected all sides, to be no resistance, and no build up in pressure. I don´t know if that´s the correct way to do a simulation like that.

If you have any other ideas on how to do this type of simulation, please let me know. Thank you.

Best regards!!

Hi @gschuenke,

Thanks for the follow-up! Actually the problem seem to have been caused by the boundary layers being broken near the region of divergence:

I’ve applied an Inflate Boundary Layer mesh refinement on the whole model (for boundary layers to be generated on the inlets/outlets also), ran the simulation with a 0 total pressure value instead and it completed. The project I was working on can be found here:


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Apologies for the delayed response.

Thank you so much for analyzed that, you helped a lot. I’ll definitely check the material you linked to make sure I can spot the error in future projects.

Best regards.

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