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Can SimScale do one dimensional CFD simulation of pipe flow

I want to use SimScale to do one dimensional CFD simulation of a basic flow inside a pipe. So, I think of mesh that has the shape of cylinders connected together (Figure) but I don’t know how to create that kind of mesh.

I surely appreciate any suggestion.
Thank you!

Hi @58010305!

Unfortunately 1D simulations are not possible on our platform. You could try it with an empty BC for the front, back and side faces, and just set BC on bottom/top (in theory). Maybe @1318980 or @cfd_squad can add their two cents here.



Hi @58010305

@jousefm is absolute right regarding the boundary conditions you have to assign for simulating this problem as a 1D case. But simulating in 1D will give you meaningless results as the velocity profile will not develop along the length of the tube, and you will see constant velocity throughout the domain.Also, there will be no pressure loss along its length and as far as the cylindrical elements are concerned, I don’t think this type of elements are used by any software. I hope all your questions have been answered. If you have any doubt please clarify.


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