Can I copy the postprocessing filters already defined in a simulation to a completely different one?

The answer to the question is yes that is indeed possible in SimScale.

In a scenario where you are testing multiple design configurations of your product. You access the results of your base setup and define multiple filters inside the post-processor (such as cutting planes, iso volumes, etc) that will help you understand the performance of your base design.

Now after gaining the information needed from your base design, you would like to visualize the results of your first design iteration. You had already prepared some nice filters for post-processing on the base design simulation and now you have to do them all over again for the first design iteration simulation, which can be sometimes time-consuming when there are a lot of filters present.

With the “Apply State” functionality in the post-processor, you can directly copy all of the post-processing filters pre-defined in one simulation to another one. This really helps in improving the efficiency of your workflow!

As an example, the simulation below depicts a thermal analysis of an oven where multiple fan settings were tested. The simulation below is the outcome of when two fans are working. We can see already that there are multiple filters defined here in the post-processor, and we would like to copy them to the simulation of the model where the two fans not working.

When opening the results of the simulation with the two fans not functioning, the clean post-processing state would be as shown below. In order to apply the filters already created in another simulation, you can the following:

  1. Click on the applicable state button
  2. Choose the simulation
  3. Choose the run that contains the filters you want to copy