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Can CFD Design Study Environment help me with this?

I’m looking for a software application that can calculate the following:

An object moves through a pipe, with a certain friction force. A certain quantity of gas travels through the pipe, with an average speed of 10 meters per second. The object has an outerdiameter similar to the inner diameter of the pipe. It also has a bypass, which causes the object to travel slower than the average gasflow speed.

I want to design and build this object, but i would like to test it in an simulation, to know whether the bypass is big enough for the speed reduction i want to provoke. A calculation on pressure loss isn’t sufiicient. With it i can calculate how much energy the gas loses while passing through the object, but a certain part of this energie is beëing converted into heath, by friction, because the gas flows quite fast and the object isn’t quite aeodynamic.

This situation asks for a specific value for the force that works on the object, parallel to the gas flow direction. I wonder if CFD Design Study Environment can help me with this, and when not so, is anyone knows an alternative that can help me.

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like a very interesting study @jsturm!

I am tagging my fellow @PowerUsers_CFD here who might give you some fresh input on your study and how you could realize it.

Cheers and all the best!


Hi @jsturm!

Let me take a crack it at and see if it is possible.

So far so good, seems like a straight forward simulation of a moving object in a tube.

So what other data points do you need and are looking for? Mass flow rate? Drag? I’m sure it is possible to get the results out but do keep in mind what kind of values you do need.

I believe you can obtain force values on the object in a specified direction under the results control tab. Why don’t you start designing the CAD model and meshing it first? Do include the tube.



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