Calculator isn't working on Para view

Hi, I was opening the results in para view to see the total forces acting on my plane. but when I try to use the calculator it comes up with an error when using p_rgh * Normals, do you know why this is?
here are some pictures that should help

thank you for your help,
frank lucci

Hey Frank!

This should be a forum for support on SimScale, but I think someone from the community should be able to help here.

For instance, could you show us your full pipeline? Have you previously computed the surface normals?

This is my first time using para view and sim scale I did everything correctly I think here is the project link

here is a picture of the whole thing

can you compute the forces on paraview and send them to me or tell me how to fix it, thank you so much for your help and time,

frank lucci

It worked for me:

For instance, I think the error is in the pressure field, whic is ‘p’ and not ‘p_rgh’.

thank you so much and one last question, are these forces for the half of the drone it shows or if the other half of the drone were to be added, the forces acting on that?

and also are those forces in the order of x y z?

The calculator filter produces a vector field, with X,Y,Z components.

The forces are only for the modeled part. If it is symmetrical, you should add in a vector way (taking into account the directions).

How do you add a vector way, what is a vector way, and is it on simscale or Para view?

Thank you so much for your help,
Frank lucci

Would this be a correct force body diagram assuming that it is symmetrical on both sides? And could you also tell me what the extract block 1 is?

Thank you so much for your time and help,
Frank lucci

can you send me the save data file for the thing you did in para view so I can find my mistake?

thank you so much for your time and help,
frank Lucci

Your diagram looks ok to me.

By adding in a vector way, I mean component by component.

The ‘Extract block’ filter is there to isolate the body surfaces from the rest of the domain.

cool is there a way you can send me the save data file for the para view thing you did ? if so can you send it to me?

email -

thank you so much,
frank lucci