Calculation the forces on the whole body after conducting simulation for the half of the body ( symmetric case around x-y plane)

I am carrying out a simulation for a flow around a body and this body is symmetric around the x-y plane, so the simulation is for half of the body. iam calculating the forces that affect the body. for the forces is clear the forces will cancel out in z-direction, while forces in x and y direction will be double to find force the forces on the whole body. what is confusing me is the moment , which of the three moments should be cancelled due the symmetry of the body

Hello khalidElserfy1

for a symmetric body, the moments will cancel out for the axis on the symmetry plane. So here is the moment around the X and Y-axis. Since the forces in this direction will act as a moment around an axis to which a symmetric force/ moment will be on the other side of the plan.

Best regards Sebastian