Calculating pressure and viscous forces on porous block

I want to ask how to calculate pressure and viscous forces on the porous block ? as in porous block we do not have patches on the block boundaries?
Is there any way to calculate these forces on the porous block?

I assume that the fact that I am always seeing porous forces and moments on my external incompressible CFD ‘Forces and Moments’ results, that this is where you would find them…


yes i can see results for porous force and porous moments without any values for pressure or viscous forces
why the viscous and pressure forces are not calculated

I have never used porous materials so I am afraid you will have to wait for more help.

I assume that you would have to set up your simulation properly to see actual reults…


for calculating the forces you have to specify the patches where you want to calculate them but in case with porous block.I do not have patch for porous block so how can i calculate theses forces ?

I am not familiar with patches, just geometry/mesh volumes and faces…