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Cad model problems

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me figure out why most of this cad model is not showing up in the flow region,
thank you for your help
frank lucci

project link - SimScale Workbench

Hey there Frank (the tank)!

Your model contains open sheet bodies, which couldn’t be automatically solidified:


Please convert them to solids in your CAD before importing and it should work.

hi again i dont know how to fix that could you please explain to me how I would do that?
thank you,
frank lucci

In your CAD program, you should find operations such as ‘Enclose’ or ‘Thicken’ for the surface parts, which will allow you to turn them into solids.

I could not give you specific support for your CAD program. Please refer to the program help and support to find out the specific procedure.

Hi again, I was able to narrow down the problems to the wings but I can’t find why Simscale keeps rejecting them, is it ok If I send you the .step file and you can help me weed out the problem, thank you for your help and time,

frank lucci