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How to fill holes in imported .stl geometry?
i am not able to assign boundary condition without filling inlet and outlet faces.

Please do needful

Hey @hkadam,
i have learned that the STL import is a little bit problematic. I think the holes have to cover up with a geometry, like this.

Greetz Kai

What should i do for such type of Geometries?

I have many examples likes this.
It would be great help for me If you suggest any idea on how to fill holes in simscale?

Hi @hkadam!

For your example make sure that the geometry is watertight. For that close every hole so if you would lay your model into a water tub no water could go inside your geometry - hope that makes it a bit easier to understand :wink:



Hi @jousefm ,
How to close hole?

Hi @hkadam,

you can do that with a CAD program of your choice or follow the video by @TobiasHolzmann using Salome:



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Hi @jousefm,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

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