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CAARC model

Hi there, I am very new to simscale and wish to use the platform to investigate the aerodynamic benefits of tapering and adding a helical form, with the CAARC building being my reference model.
I have copied the CAARC simulation conducted by @dlynch , importing a sample geometry into the model.

Once imported I try to apply the the surface mesh to the model with the same resolution as that of the simulation I copied, however a message regarding the number of buffer cells appears, suggesting the value be increased to 3 or greater. Once i do this an error regarding the geometry primitives appears (see image)

Any help with fixing the issue as well as help regarding this project would be greatly appreciated.

See model here:


This simulation was crated using the Incompressible LBM solver, which is not available for community or academic program accounts.

In order to run your simulation, please create a new simulation using the Incompressible CFD anlaysis type, and create the traditional setup for external aerodynamics:

  • Create a Flow Region
  • Delete the building part
  • Assign the flow region as domain
  • Assign boundary conditions
  • Create mesh refinements
  • Add the Forces and Moments result control items
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Hi there thank you for you help, in terms of the model, would it be possible to just use the existing set up and change the analysis type to k-omega SST. If so would the results greatly differ from that of the k-omega SST(IDDES)?

Hi again!

I am afraid that you have to create a whole new setup when you change the simulation type.

To help you, I did this simulation template which you can modify and use to kick-up your studies:

Here I used the k-omega SST model implemented in our solver. I am not sure how it compares with the method you mention, but under good circumstances (good mesh, boundary conditions and convergence), all methods should give close results.

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Hi @ggiraldof,

Thank you for providing me with this template, I really appreciate you taking the time to set this up and provide me with the helping hand with my project.

Kind regards


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