C - Rivet Press


I need to design a frame for a rivet press. It will be a C shape and I want to determine how thick the material should be. Now I have run a simulation like in the screenshot. But I don’t feel good about this. In principle, one surface is now rigid and the other surface exerts a force of 50 tons. But in practice this is of course not really the case because that plane of the C shape is not rigid and the cylinder presses in 2 directions. Is it possible to assign a force to both planes and make the object rigid in a different way? Or how should I handle this. greetz

Hi nbos, I can’t solve your problem as I’m not a FEA person, but you may wish to provide a project link which I think is this SimScale for someone to easily access. I think the machine you are talking about might be somewhat similar to this type of machine.

. You may wish to elaborate with a sketch as you mention… “and the cylinder presses in 2 directions.” and reference x,yz planes in your future discussions.
I wish you all the best, with your FEA project
Kind regards from a novice CFD newbie

Hi @nbos ,
looking at the project that was shared by @TedBurke , it seems like you have come up with a pretty interesting solution by cutting in two pieces and adding an elastic support sat the interface!

I think you could also do this even easier by just simulating one half (or quarter) of the model. You could still keep the elastic support in place but wouldn’t need to model both half pieces, as they would just show anyways the exact same result.


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I think this is the closest to reality to archive with my knowledge of this stuff. :wink:
indeed i should use only the half piece, but it is easier to visualize this way.