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Building Meshing Issues

Hi everyone,

Currently trying to mesh a building geometry. Here is the link:

I had similar meshes before, but those kinda worked. This time its a similar geometry but with some notable changes.

  • Much much larger bounding box, 1km square
  • Specific surface refinement, specifically at the 4th Floor with a level of 4 and 5, others at level 2 and 3.
  • Customized Bounding Box Geometry Primitives. I believe this might be the key issue, I aimed to get each bounding box cell to be a square in all the sides and 1m by 1m.

The meshing process basically gives me an error and I’m not sure exactly how to proceed.

Hope to get a reply soon!


Hi @Get_Barried, just checking is it mesh 5 that is the issue?

Kind regards,

Sorry Darren I forgot to clarify. Its Mesh 4.

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I pressed run then realised the possible error and killed it.

the mesh size is 1090x1096x300 = 358 million cells in the base mesh without any refinement. With refinement levels of 4 in places, we could be approaching 1 billion cells. Flow in the non-important mesh should be kept as coarse as possible, I think it is reasonable to use a 100x100x30 in the base mesh but feel free to but a lvl 2 refinement region around the building.

Hope this gets you straight,


Yeah I kinda suspected that was the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try it out with a lower mesh size. Thanks Darren.


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