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Broken Mesh

I am trying to use Feature Refinement as a sole refinement using the Hex Dominant Parametric algorithm.

  1. I can not find any detailed explanation as to what the ‘Distance’ parameter means, can someone enlighten me?
  2. I can not figure out how to get rid of these holes, any ideas?

Here is the geometry specs and a closeup of the holey section:

And the holey mess :laughing: :


Hi @DaleKramer, the distance is the distance from the edge in which you want to refine around, so it works something like this, a straight line is the edge between two adjacent faces is the point of refinement, and an imaginary cylinder with radius being the distance is refined, this is feature refinement in its simplest explanation.

The holes are because you are creating an internal mesh I believe, move the material point outside the geometry.


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Thanks on the distance, that is what I assumed but I wanted to be sure.

AND, good pick up on the holes. I missed re-inputting my material point after switching an existing mesh from Hex Dominant Auto to Parametric.

I fixed the Background Mesh box size after its values were lost but I forgot/missed the fact that the material point values were lost in the algorithm change too.

Very helpful… :smile: