Boundary Layers

Hi all,
Im trying to mesh a simple ahmed body in order to run a steady state, in-compressible CFD.
In doing so ive been trying to create a 15 layer B.L with a maximum thickness of 0.065m, at a growth rate of 1.489 and a near wall prism layer size of 8.27E-06m ( or a final layer thickness of 0.00214m). For some reason however this does not display. Ive tried both relative and absolute sizing and played witha few settings along the way but it will not display the layers… Ive have also attempted the same boundary layers in Helyx OS (also openfoam based) and it did not work their either…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have also seen a few posts on this but they dint seem to clear it up for me. The one reason I thought could be quality for this post (Inflate Boundary Layer - #3 by AnnaFless) but my settings match that.

Hi @CalvinVW and thanks for reaching out to us.

Seems like there is either an overlap of refinements or some setting hindering the layers to be established during the meshing process. Can you have a look at this template and tell me if the issue persists: Ahmed Body Car - Mesh.

Cheers and happy SimScaling,


Thanks so much Jouse that should be very helpful, ill take a look and see if I have any success